Merry Christmas!


Dear readers, followers, and contributors,

As we approach the close of this year, I’m reminded that it’s been almost twelve months since I launched my first post on  The support and contributions from guest posters have been invaluable.

Together we are sharing our view and knowledge regarding emerging technologies and digital transformation. Sharing insights and expanding our collective understanding.

Our digital presence, marked by every post and comment, is like a trail of numerical breadcrumbs signifying our participation in this binary world. Remember, it’s only through trying that we discover new possibilities.

So, keep reading, learning, and writing. Together we are stronger! Empowered with knowledge and stronger as community.

Cheers to more posts and learning in the year ahead!

Looking forward to another great year of sharing and learning with all of you!


Merry Christmas!

During these special holidays, I want to wish you to be surrounded by joy, warmth, and peace. May every moment spent with your loved ones be an unforgettable experience and may the upcoming year 2024 bring you only prosperity. May you never lack health and may all your dreams come true with a pleasant surprise.

Warm regards,

Jacek Korneluk