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  • F-2-F (In-Person) Personalized Tutoring available in Perth, time and place to be arranged
  • P-2-P Tutoring is available worldwide (Zoom, Teams)
  • Mentoring and consultation are possible to arrange
  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets for Seniors: Explained Simply. Request a Free 60-Minute Appointment
  • Practical Crypto Onboarding Introduction for Seniors: Wallets, On/Off Ramps, Exchanges/Swaps, DeFi, Etc. – Simplified Explanation. Request a Free 60-Minute Appointment.
  • I can guide a Solopreneurs or Small Business owners to gain a competitive edge – don’t delay as competitors are already learning and capitalising on them.  Book a free 60-minute consultation from an independent expert with credentials from prestigious universities. Contact me today to schedule your personalised session and gain a proper understanding od AI & Blockchain in simple, understandable terms.

We are looking for individuals or institutions with similar interests keen to collaborate, partner, or invest. International collaborators welcome!